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Chair  used to be one of the most important signs of civilization. It all started with a simple and modest bench formed by a horizontal support resting on a pedestal with two or more legs. There was no back support to sit there, making it an uncomfortable posture.

It is precisely from this need that many chairs have given life to the furniture world, from various types of armchairs that we know today, from armchairs to stools, hammocks and chaise lounges.

The importance of chairs in the context of furniture is often judged solely from a purely functional point of view, and even if this feature turns out to be primary, it is not the only feature that can be attributed to it.

Chairs are an essential component in the indoor and outdoor scenario and therefore should be handled and chosen with the right care. If at one time armchairs had to compensate only for their practical function, over time designers and manufacturers have increasingly diversified the selection of models available, creating real design objects, some of which are still considered iconic and timeless pieces.


Laris Sandalye
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